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Expert Wheel Alignment Repair
Alignment problems are among the most widespread car issues. If you’re looking at this, you may suspect you are afflicted with them. There are several symptoms of bad alignment, the most typical one being a pull or tug in one direction or another while trying to keep the wheels straight. It’s certainly possible that you may experience squealing on turns, or a sore arm after a long drive. The consequences of an off alignment are much greater than just being an annoyance, it’s stealing hundreds of miles off the lifespan of your tires and suspension. Thankfully, your alignment issues can go away with the service of Blackstone Auto Care Centers.

We begin by doing a complimentary Inspection to diagnose the problems that are afflicting your vehicle. When we find alignment problems, we go through a process to reset the alignment to the original manufacturer settings, using computerized sensors and the expertise of our certified technicians. If you can’t stay around during the process, we can give you a ride on our courtesy shuttle to home, school, or work.

Alignment issues can bring about some serious damage – avoid it with the help of Blackstone Auto Care Centers. Visit our Spring location to fix your vehicle’s alignment issues today.

The Dangers of Poor Wheel Alignment
If you drive around Spring with poor alignment, you will end up with much more dangerous problems than a sore arm. The friction it can put on your tires can take hundreds of miles off of their lifespan. Worse than that, bad alignment damages your fuel economy.