Scheduled Maintenance

Schedule your 30/60/90/120/150 Today

Do you know every interval at which your car needs manufacturer recommended service? We understand if you are not aware of your vehicle’s needs and frequency in which they should be serviced. At Blackstone Auto Care Centers, we take pride in taking care of that burden for you. We provide the best customer service in Houston

Every time you visit Blackstone Auto Care Centers, you will receive a complimentary 103-point Inspection. Part of that comprehensive review of your vehicle is determining if your car is due for any scheduled manufacturer recommended service. With most vehicles going +200K miles, we pride ourselves at Blackstone with being able to offer the best care to your vehicles with the manufacturer recommended 30/60/90/120/150 services. The cost of most of these services are minor, while the cost of not doing them can become significant.

Every time you come to Blackstone Auto Care Centers, we will check your service needs. Does your Honda need transmission service? Is your Lexus due for a tune up? We have great relationships with all manufacturers and Blackstone Auto Care Centers has all the newest manufacturer certified diagnostic tools and best equipment available. You may be surprised to know that we offer more choices for factory maintenance than the dealership does.