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Fuel System Maintenance in Spring
We all know that cars need gas to operate. But, were you aware that your car could be more fuel efficient with the right service and maintenance? Cleaning your fuel system on a regular basis can get rid of fuel residue, clean cylinders, ensure that moving parts are free of debris and help your vehicle’s exhaust system last longer.

A thorough fuel system cleaning can do wonders for your engine’s efficiency. Dirty fuel systems create sluggish cars, dirty spark plugs and poor fuel mileage. Blackstone Auto Care Centers can give you a fuel system checkup and cleaning to give you a more efficient car.

Your fuel system uses fuel injectors to spray fuel through an injection nozzle into the combustion chamber. Ideally, injectors will spray a mist of fuel. Deposits and damage can cause these injectors to spray inefficient streams of fuel onto the chamber. Insufficient streams of fuel burn improperly and steal your car’s performance which means hesitation and other performance problems. Cleaning the fuel injection involves removing residue from the injectors, fuel lines, and adding a clean fuel filter to your car.

Dirty fuel and inefficient fuel systems can lead to more expensive repairs. The major cause of early catalytic converter failure is poor fuel burning. A new catalytic converter can cost thousands of dollars.