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Blackstone Auto Battery Services in Spring, TX
It started when you saw that your interior lights were dimmer when you slowed down. The next sign was when you detected problems such as the horn not working or slow turnover when you turned the key. Before you knew what was happening, you ended up stuck in a parking lot somewhere with a auto whose engine wouldn’t turn over at all.

What’s probably going on? A dead auto battery. If you want to avoid this, give the automotive mechanics at Blackstone Auto Care Centers in Spring, TX, a call. We can do tests to better understand what’s causing the problem and get you back up to speed in a hurry. If you aren’t stuck yet but want to avoid electrical problems or slow turnover during ignition, drop by for routine battery maintenance and testing.

Your car battery provides the power your vehicle needs, from simply starting the car. With normal use, a car or truck battery will last about 3 to 5 years. Using big sound systems, driving in extreme heat and cold or going 4-wheeling often will cut battery life quickly.

Battery Services in Spring, TX, at Blackstone Auto Care Centers

Battery Purchase
Automobile Battery Recycling
Starter and Alternator Checks
Battery Charging and Testing
Batteries work with the starter and alternator to power up and run it. The battery powers the the starter, which turns the engine over. The starter also creates mechanical energy, which is used by the alternator to produce electric energy. The battery gets recharged while the auto runs.

That’s why Blackstone mechanics recommend that you have your battery tested by a professional every now and then. If you skip the checks, an old battery could harm a good alternator by causing it to overheat as it tries continuously to recharge the battery fully. Likewise, an old battery can cause your starter to work too hard and that can make it and the starter solenoid wear out too quickly. You can save money by replacing batteries a few months early.

To save money, you should also check to make sure the rest of the electrical system is working properly. This is because bad starters and alternators can lead to the battery’s constantly running low. That makes the battery wear out too soon.

When it’s time to replace the batter, you don’t have to go it alone – it’s not worth your time. Finding a wrench to remove it. You don’t have to even know which cables do what and risk your safety. With Blackstone Auto Care Centers, you don’t get your hands dirty. Call for an appointment today.

You and your car can get back on the road quickly, and you can have confidence that you’ll never get stranded by a dead battery because you know everything is performing at top capacity. We’ll handle the recycling, too.