Cooling System

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Spring, TX Cooling System Maintenance

Your cooling system can use a coolant flush on a regular schedule. You need to take care of your cooling system, as with the rest of your automobile. That is why we recommend a coolant flush annually to keep your cooling system working as it should.

The temperature of your engine is maintained by the flow of anti-freeze. A coolant flush moves anti-freeze through your cooling system in order to do a full cleanse by clearing out all of the old anti-freeze and any contaminants that have built up. When you have a coolant flush, all that old anti-freeze is removed from your system, ensuring that the new anti-free won’t mix in with the old. Finally, conditioners are added in order to prevent scale deposits and rust, which gives you new, longer-lasting anti-freeze.

Every make and model is different, and therefore they all have varying maintenance schedules. Consult your owner’s manual to see when you need to get a coolant flush. In most cases this flush needs to be performed once per year. If it’s been more than a year since your vehicle has received a coolant flush, call your local Blackstone Auto Care Centers today.