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Brake Service
It’s our job to ensure our customers have the ability to safely stop their vehicles when they need to. We service brakes in Spring, TX, to ensure your ability to safely stop at a moment’s notice.

As you drive down the highway there is nothing terrifying than braking malfunctions. There isn’t a good reason NOT to have your brakes checked and repaired every once in awhile. Allow the experts at Blackstone Auto Care Centers begin with a Brake System Analysis that involves an entire visual inspection of your vehicle’s whole braking system: hydraulics, brake fluid level and condition, master cylinder, calipers, brake hoses, and wheel cylinders. We also survey corrosion patterns, calipers, and any other parts. If there’s a problem, we’ll pinpoint it. At Blackstone Auto Care Centers, our intent is simple—our customers’ saftey. This is what a perfectly working braking system provides.