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Lotus was established in 1952 by engineer Colin Chapman, in Hornsey, North London. Stemming from its Formula 1 racing pedigree, Lotus created street vehicles that placed function over form. Lotus vehicles often have spartan interiors, fiberglass or carbon fiber body panels and implement many other weight-saving measures. Many models, such as the current Elise and Exige browse from other automaker’s parts bins to create a fast, light and reliable vehicle. Combining a 218hp supercharged 1.8L VVTL-I four cylinder sourced from Toyota and a 2,000lb curb weight, the Elise SC is capable of a scorching 4.3 second 0-60 and a top speed near 150mph. The “less is more” attitude of Lotus had been shunned by automakers in years past, preferring to add more horsepower to offset added weight. But with the current economy, more and more companies are mimicking Lotus, trimming the fat off their vehicles and opting for smaller, forced induction engines that offer better fuel economy. With the recent release of the Exige, Lotus appears to be heading in the right direction and staying true to their past.

Driving a Lotus is an experience that few other automakers can match. Few vehicles can connect the driver to the car so well and in such a pure fashion as can Lotus. The professionals at Blackstone Auto Care Centers are trained and experienced in repairing all Lotus models, and can provide the highest quality preventative maintenance and repairs in Houston. Call Blackstone Auto Care Centers to set an appointment today and see why Blackstone Auto Care Centers is rated the best in Houston.