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Lexus began as a secret program within Toyota designated as F1 in 1983. Wanting to create an upscale brand to compete with their European counterparts as well as Acura, the fledgling company with the same mission from Honda, Lexus debuted with their flagship vehicle, the LS in 1989. This well-appointed sedan quickly rewrote the rule books on luxury vehicles and made an immediate impact within the market, causing a 29% and 19% sales drop in Mercedes and BMW vehicles sold that year, respectively. Many recall a commercial boasting the smoothness of the LS 400, which revving on a dynamometer to 145 mph with champagne glasses perched precariously on the hood, yet never falling off. To this day, Lexus continues to set the precedence in automotive quality, comfort and design. Few automotive companies have ever even come close to matching the explosive start and lasting impression that Lexus has had on the industry.

Lexus defines the meaning of refined luxury. Quiet, smooth and refined, these vehicles can whisk a driver from place to place in a cocoon-like environment. Lexus vehicles are also known for their reliability, most being able to drive well after 100,000 miles if serviced properly. Blackstone Auto Care Centers knowledgeable technicians are ASE and Bosch certified, and are able to provide warranty service, preventative maintenance, and other services on any and all Lexus vehicles. So make the call to Blackstone Auto Care Centers today and keep your Lexus running great with the finest automotive repair facility in Houston.