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Infiniti is the luxury vehicle automaker for the Japanese automaker Nissan Motor Company.
Infiniti has been selling vehicles in North America since November 8, 1989.
Following on the coattails of the release of the Lexus and Acura Nissan joined the upscale market by introducing their own luxury segment, Infiniti.
The Q45, introduced to the United States in 1989, was Infiniti’s first offering to the general public. Featuring a V8 engine, four wheel steering and an active suspension, the Q45 took aim at the Mercedes S-Class and BMW’s 7 Series.
Infiniti was also one of the first automakers to delve into the luxury SUV market with the Pathfinder, predating the Lexus RX 300, the Acura MSX and the Mercedes ML320.
The G35, released in 2002 breathed fresh air into the automaker, boosting sales and quickly became one of the signature offerings from Infiniti.
Today, Infiniti is set to take their performance models even further, with the unveiling of their new performance division, Infiniti Performance Line, or IPL.
Whether you own the sporty G37 or the luxurious M56, it is imperative that you follow all recommended maintenance schedules to keep your Infiniti running its best.
Allow the ASE and Bosch certified technicians at Blackstone Auto Care Centers to inspect and service your Infiniti and keep it in tip top shape.
Blackstone Auto Care Centers offers services ranging from routine oil changes to complete transmission replacements. No job is too large or too small.
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