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Few know that BMW began life as an aircraft engine manufacturing company. It is said that the BMW logo, or roundel signifies the movement of a propeller, using the colors of the Bavarian flag. At the end of WWI, the Versailles Armistice Treaty forced BMW to cease production on aircraft manufacturing. From there, they made a natural transition into motorsports, starting with motorcycles in 1923 followed by automobiles in 1928. However, during WWII, BMW did produce aircraft engines once again, this time for the Luftwaffe or German air force. BMW has become synonymous with driving performance, and their models continue to lead their respective segments in nearly every performance aspect. From the fire breathing M3 to the refined 750Li, it is very apparent that the future cars from BMW will not disappoint.

BMWs are very complex machines. Built for performance and built to thrill, these cars must be thoroughly looked after to ensure that their reliability remains in check. At Blackstone Auto Care Centers, our certified technicians are trained and fully qualified to care for your BMW. We offer routine service, warranty work and preventative maintenance to ensure that your BMW continues to eat up the road. Give Blackstone Auto Care Centers a call today and experience the difference that only the finest independent facility for BMW can offer.