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Acura is the luxury car for Japanese automaker Honda Motor Company.

Ever since March of 1986 Acura has been available in both the United States and Canada. Acura has been buildingboth luxury and performance vehicles since their creation.

Acura was introduced to Hong Kong in 1991, Mexico in 2004, and China in 2006.

Acura will always be the first Japanese luxury brand of auto. Acura is the luxury car for Japanese automaker Honda Motor Company.

Acura is the first Japanese luxury auto to be established by an existing Japanese automaker. Honda Motor Company launched Acura in hopes of competing with other luxury cars like BMW, Mercedes and Audi.

Acura’s first year put them among the best-selling luxury cars in the US.

Acura is the first Japanese luxury car that was created by an existing Japanese automaker.  Honda Motor Company, wanted to compete with luxury competitors like BMW, Mercedes and Audi.

In 1987 Acura emerged as a true competitor in the luxury market, matching the luxury of German automobiles with reliability that Honda has become known for.

Honda sold 109,000 vehicles that year outselling both Mercedes and BMW.

Acura offers cutting edge technology combined with reliability that consumers have come to expect.

With Acura it’s important that all routine maintenance and warranty repairs are done often, and on schedule in order to maintain the reliability that Acura is so well known for.

It is of the utmost importance to have your Acura regularly inspected by qualified professionals to ensure that it will continue to run reliably for years to come.

At Blackstone Auto Care Centers, we specialize in all Acura vehicles and employ factory trained technicians who know each car inside and out.
We have the finest and latest tools in the industry to ensure that whatever the problem your car may be experiencing, we can fix it efficiently and completely.

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